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Stage 1: Erndtebrück - Frankenberg(Eder)

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Bike-friendly restaurants on the Eder bike path

Our cyclist-friendly businesses meet the following minimum criteria:
  • Distance: no further than 2,5 km from the Eder Cycle Path

  • Parking space in the field of vision in which the wheels can be attached or connected

  • On rest days reference to the next open restaurant

  • Drinks in the sense of the cyclist, the price should be below that of the cheapest alcoholic drink for the same quantity

  • Free bottled water refills for guests with tap water to take away

  • Information on the ADFC-certified Bett+Bike businesses in the region

  • Posting, rental or sale of regional cycle tour maps and cycle tour guides, train and bus timetables as well as boat and ferry offers

  • Provision of a bicycle repair kit with the most important tools for simple repair and maintenance work

  • Information on the location, opening times and telephone numbers of the nearest bicycle repair shops for major repairs

    Stage 1: Erndtebrück - Frankenberg(Eder)

    Rest areas on the stage

    Take a break at the most beautiful and relaxing spots along the Eder Cycle Path. 

    Bad Berleburg-Arfeld - Via Adrina


    Bad Berleburg-Beddelhausen - Rest area at the bridge


    Hatzfeld - service station


    Dodenau - At the railway tunnel Reddighausen


    Allendorf (Eder) - Rennertehausen - bird watching station


    Frankenberg - Rest area in the Eder-Uferpark


    Stage 1: Erndtebrück - Frankenberg(Eder)

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