Starting point of the Eder cycle path

Welcome to the municipality of Erndtebrück: the starting point of the Eder Cycle Path! Erndtebrück is the right place for you to take a deep breath and slow down: The Eder community is located on the southern slope of the Rothaargebirge, characterized by extensive forests, idyllic, remote ponds, green valleys and great views. The highest point is the Ebschloh at 684 meters above sea level, on the top of which the radar system of the Erndtbrücker garrison can be seen from afar.

The community is not just limited to the main town, but also presents the architectural variety with plastered half-timbered houses and gray slate roofs in the other eight towns, each with its own identity, charm and history. Get to know the people of Erndtebrücke and their love for their homeland at traditional events such as rifle festivals or roast potatoes, or book a sightseeing flight from Schameder airfield during the flying season.